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​Here at Max On Snax®, we believe that children learn best through good role models, engaging stories and fun activities. That's why we created Max​.​

Max On Snax® focuses on healthy habits for our young children.


           I wanted to give parents an ally.

​                   My name is Lori Osiecki, and I'm the founder

                   and creator of Max On Snax®. I have been in the creative field for over 25 years and,

                   most importantly, I've been a mom for the past 19 years.


From my own experiences and in talking to other "big people," as Max calls grown-ups, I realized that one of the most difficult challenges we have as parents is getting our children to eat right, even when it's not easy or convenient.


Whether we're struggling to find food that's both healthy and budget-friendly or to steer our kids away from brands that use recognizable characters to promote less-than-healthy products, we parents are constantly trying to help our kids make healthy choices from an early age. Character branding and engaging stories can be important tools towards this end--and that's what Max on Snax® is all about: giving parents the means to raise healthy, happy kids!


Max's fans include celebrity chefs, Olympic athletes, teachers, and parents, and he's been seen previously on the American Forces Network and the KidToons film preview series in theaters across the U.S.

Max On Snax®

Why Max?


Max makes learning fun!


What really sets the Max On Snax apart, though, is the focus on healthy eating that underscores everything that we do and create here at Max On Snax®. 


Every video includes an age-appropriate, dietician-developed “snax” recipe to be assembled by “snax-makers” and their grown-ups. The skills needed to prepare a healthy snack, such as critical thinking, motor skills, and quantitative reasoning, are skills that serve kids well outside the kitchen.


We find that there’s no better way to spend time with your little ones than in preparing nutritious, delicious food together!

A great ally for big people!


Let’s face it: young kids can be fussy eaters. In fact, the word, “impossible” comes to mind. As tough as it can be to get children to cooperate at the dinner table, it’s important to make the effort, especially during this critical stage when lifelong food and exercise habits are formed.


Max on Snax aims to make that process easier, by providing parents with an ally in encouraging healthy habits, and by giving kids a peer to look up to and emulate. Max empowers you and your kids to make healthy choices, all while having fun! ​  


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