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Betty Fraser's 'oh so colorful' Rainbow Tacos


Using crisp washed iceberg lettuce leaves as your taco shell allow your child to fill as they like, it’s crispy, fresh and flavorful!  (psst…healthy too and a fun way to get them to eat their veggies!)​


Sometimes by cooking just a little it makes the veggies a little more tasty/acceptable to the child’s palate.

•Sweet Potatoes or Yams-washed, cut into small cubes and either boiled or roasted with a little canola oil and salt and pepper

Peruvian Blue Potatoes-same technique as above

Sweet Grape or Pear Tomatoes-halved

Jicama, skin removed and cut into little cubes

Roasted Broccoli-again, cleaned, trimmed and tossed in a little canola oil and salt and pepper and roasted for about 20 minutes

Red, Yellow or Orange Bell Peppers cut into dice

Shredded Carrots

Chiffonade of Iceberg

Red Lentils-cooked and cooled then tossed in a little tomato juice for flavor

Wild Rice-cooked and cooled then tossed in small amount of a light vinaigrette

Cooked halibut, snapper or shrimp

Crispy Noodles-available ready made in Markets

You can even offer a fun salsa like a tomato-mango that would add just a touch of sweetness!

"A nutritionist once told me that when you create a salad, make sure there are at least five different colors in it, this is a great idea for kids! 


But I will encourage parents to think outside of the box when coming up with the “salad bar” for their children to create from.   The salad bar is your secret, we’ll call it a “taco” and let children build their own.  The shell is a crisp piece of iceberg lettuce that they can fill with their choice of ingredients and fold over and eat with their hands. 


There are wonderful fun and healthy foods that are fun and different and doing it this way makes it interactive so it encourages creativity and let’s the child feel like they are making their own choices."


Betty Fraser

Chef/Owner Grub Restaurant

Catherine Frederico is Max's nutritionist!
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