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Max on Snax, for the mom who’s tried everything, including kale ice cream!


Maddie’s mom has tried everything to get Maddie to eat healthy. She's hidden spinach and  dressed up tofu--but with no luck. Everything changes when she and grandma discover My Max Pack, a subscription box filled with kid-friendly recipes and fun activities delivered to her door!



Meet our stars!

Ryan as Maddie


Ryan Saint Elizabeth Michaelree
Birthday: 09/25/2007

Outgoing, independent, and fearless, Ryan Michaelree is a force to be reckoned with. Her unique style sets her apart from the rest. Most days you can find her in the dance studio, dancing her little heart out. She also enjoys modeling and the occasional acting gig


Favorite snack? Counting Salad! Ryan loves berries!


Jocelyn as Maddie's mom


Joceyln Skogebo


Jocelyn—fabulous, witty and talented. 

This is Jocelyn’s first storymercial and we are certain it won’t be her last.
Jocelynn has a background in interior design. She is a gifted fine artist and world traveler.

Jocelynn can often be seen riding her bike on her way to yoga.


Favorite snack? Roasted chickpeas.


Hank as Hank


Hank Skogebo


A chihuahua terrier mix, Hank was discovered at the Maricopa County Pound.
He is an avid baseball fan and an avid fetcher whose favorite snack is the bench in the breakfast room, according to his owner, Jocelyn.

Although Hank did enjoy a small bite of our tofu, it is always best to feed dogs food made especially for them.

This is Hank's first acting gig.


Alex our director


Alex Opechowski

Alex prefers to maintain an air of mystery. But she will disclose to the world at large that her favorite snack is raspberries. 


Behind the scenes

Our Storyboard

created by our director,

Alex Opechowski

Alex Opechowski    
Lori Osiecki
Lori Osiecki
Alex Opechowski
Jocelyn Skobego
Ryan Michaelree

Produced by:
Alex Opechowski

Lori Osiecki               .

Cinematography by:
Alex Opechowski
Elaine Casap

Film Editing by:
Alex Opechowski


Music by:
Robert Coté

Music Editing:
Alex Opechowski


Song wrter:

Lori Osiecki

Song preformed by:
Jack Martin



Casting By:
Lori Osiecki

Release Date:
April 2015

Filming Locations:
Project Beautify Location, Mesa AZ

Location Staging:
Rio Understiller, Chase Barret

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