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Get out and play!


Grab your chalk and a something to use as a marker (a jar lid, a stone, plastic toy, beanbag) & let’s get hopping! 



Draw any shape you want on the sidewalk that is large enough to stand inside. Try drawing squares, circles, stars, flowers :) 


Draw them to make a row, side by side ones, individual ones, to make a classic tower shape or do your own design, maybe an squiggle s shape, or a circle.



Number each shape. Usually they are in order, but you can make your own rules and do a hopscotch board using all even numbers or all odd numbers, try counting by 10s! 



Each player gets a chance to throw the marker trying to land it inside a shape. 



Then the player must hop inside each shape (except the one with the marker on it) to the end of the tower and back, picking up the marker on the way back. 


The goal is to do this all the way to the last shape. 



You can make up any rules you want. The most common is that the player can only land on one foot, unless there are two shapes side by side. If the player misses or lands on both feet they loose their turn.



What to make your own chalk? Check out



Fun Hopscotch facts:


Thousands of years ago, Roman soldiers played hopscotch to test their strength and speed, sometimes hopping over 100 feet (30.5 m) carrying heavy weights! Children copied the soldiers by making their own variation of the exercise.


Ashrita Furman holds the Guinness World Record for completing the fastest game of hopscotch, coming in at 1 minute and 8 seconds!

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