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picky eater squash
pickyeate cauliflower.
pickyeater everything
pickyeater okra
pickyeater cooked vegetables
picky eater radish
pickyeater papaya
picky eater brussel sprouts
picky eater snowpeas
picky eater canned greenbeans
picky eater okra
brussels sprouts
picky eater black raisins
picky eater blueberries
picky eater pears
picky eater eggplant
picky eater squash
picky eater redbell peppers
Jeanne Smith Brussels Sprouts yuck!
picky eater tomatoes!
David Keelman's pickyeater pick fish
picky eaters strawberries tomatoes
Brandi Chastain's pick zucchini!
No more picky eaters!


It all starts with food.

Food should be, in our humble opinion, exciting, surprising, and simple. Above all else, it should be fun!

We started talking to people, about their food qualms and quirks, and what we realized was, people are quick to call themselves “picky.” Kids, grown-ups, not-so-grown-ups…we all have certain fruits or veggies with which we share a tricky, picky relationship.

But we at Max on Snax are all about second chances. We want to turn picky eaters into adventurous eaters!

Let us know what food you haven’t found a way to enjoy yet, and we’ll see if we can’t help you broaden your culinary horizon!


Please share with us your pic!

Email us, or post on our FB or Twitter, a photo of you with your picky eater's pick and we'll see if we can't find a recipe for you! : )




play with the pictures!

you can move, size and rotate the images. cool! : )

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