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In each and every one of Max's recipes, there's an extra-special ingredient for success--you! You, Max's fans, supporters, and "big people," are the final component in making his mission a success, whether you're using Max on Snax recipes or sharing his message with friends.

We've been fortunate enough to have received help from many, many "big people" and "snax-makers," as well as industry insiders in the fields of the culinary arts and healthcare services.












Max has also been endorsed by Olympic champion and mother of two kids, Brandi Chastain.

Max on Snax has traveled the globe via the American Forces Network; his interstitial episodes have aired in 176 countries worldwide. He has also traveled to Micronesia, as part of the "Healthy Kosrae" education program.

He's been seen previously as part of the KidToons pre-movie lineup in theaters across the U.S., and his app, Max's Plate, received a recommendation from former Surgeon General Regina Benjamin.



Some of max’s “big people” include well-known chefs and athletes.

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"one of max's big people!"

Thanks so much for being one of Max’s Big people! We really do believe that positive changes in the lifestyles and eating habits of kids (and adults!) can be brought about through creativity and fun, and we're glad + grateful that you share that belief.

Brandi Chastain

As a mother of two, and a former professional and Olympic athlete, I recognize how important it is to have a healthy relationship with food.  One way I have found that keeps it fun (and HEALTHY) for my family is for the boys to assist in choosing and making their own snacks and meals. 


Together we sing, dance, chop, mix, arrange and eat our food.  What makes me the happiest is that Max on Snax allows me as a parent to help my boys understand that they are in charge of their nutrition and health.  While they are learning how to make food, we are spending time together, which as a parent is priceless.


Max on Snax is the perfect way to balance helping our children get good nutrition, while empowering them with the notion that good food is fun. I am a fan, and always will be.  GO MAX!​

Larry Marotta

American Forces Network

We LOVE Max!  And I’m sure that all the kids, and their parents, are so happy that he’s on AFN.  Since we’re non-commercial and our audience is scattered all around the world, we don’t do ratings.  I’m confident that Max is having a meaningful affect on people’s lives both in an entertaining and an educational way.


Thank you your making

Max On Snax® available to us.


Chris Cornyn
DINE. The Food and Drink Agency​


I almost called you this weekend after my kids spent over an hour doing a number of Max’s games. As I was briefly looking at your site, they caught me and then joined in for some serious game time. We now have 3 copies of Max fully colored and printed out in their rooms.​

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