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Max on Snax “My Max Pack” Review

Published on May 28, 2014 by Wendy Rose

Photos by Wendy Rose


My Max Pack is a fun new subscription box for preschool aged kiddos that combines good nutrition with engaging games and activities.

My Max Packs are named after Max, an animated boy who’s “just-this-side of five”. Max loves to make healthy snacks and share them with everyone through his website, as well as these fun Max Packs.

Each box/Pack will contain a healthy snack recipe, games, activities, and more. I was sent the May My Max Pack for review. Since this was a totally new to me box, I was excited to see what was inside!


First look. The contents were all neatly tucked inside of white paper and sealed with a Max on Snax sticker.


The lid revealed this month’s theme — “Garden Fun” — and included a list of all the activities and materials inside. Oh — that kid on the right (is it just me, or does he look like Clay Aiken?) — That’d be Max.


“Big Person” Info Card, Glue, Stickers, Membership Card – There was an envelope labeled “One of Max’s Big People”, which is for the parents (aka big people). It included a list of activities and the lessons learned/skills used by partaking in them. (I apparently received the wrong card since it kept referring to animal/farm-based activities. Oops! No biggie.) There were also stickers labeled “Yes Food” that you can stick on any foods that you deem to be healthy, Max-approved foods. Cute idea! A membership card and glue stick for projects were also included.


Recipe – The snack recipe this month was for “Garden Snax”. It called for greek yogurt, mustard, dill, parsley, and fresh veggie sticks. Your kiddo can help mix together everything to make the dip, pour some into the little paper cup, plop the cup in the bucket, and dip the veggie’s to their heart’s content.


Coloring Book & Crayons – A cute little garden-themed coloring book featuring fruits & veggies, plus a pack of crayons. As a vegan, I can totally appreciate a fruit & veggie themed coloring book.


Tip Toe Through the Garden Game – A simple board game that incorporates a little exercise into playtime. Spin the carrot and follow the directions on the space where it lands. You may have to “Skip around the room this turn” or the dreaded “Touch your toes & go back one space”!


Wilton Butterfly Cookie Cutter – This is meant to be used for making “fun-shaped” sandwiches. Orrrr some healthy, vegan cookies! Mmmm.


Garden Butterflies Activity – Cut out, decorate, and build your own paper butterflies. Use the included crayons and pipe cleaners to help your little one make their own garden butterfly masterpieces.

Strawberry Grow Kit – The info sheet on the lid said “Grow your own basil!”, but I’m kinda happy we got strawberries instead. This mini kit includes a pot, seeds, growing medium and full instructions. I have horrible luck growing things, but we’ll give it a shot. Thankfully my girls are too young to know/care if I end up killing it. haha


Weekly Charts – There are 4 charts (two 2-sided cards) for your child to keep track of their eating and exercising habits for the entire month. A neat, visual way for them to start learning the importance of good nutrition and regular physical activity.


I thought this was a really fun, unique box. It’s never too early to teach the importance of eating right and getting enough exercise. The games and activities included in the box are great for teaching healthy habits in a fun and engaging way.

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