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Easter is for rabbits, silly!

Hop, hop, hop…

Seriously, hop. Hop around the house or the yard, on your way to the park, or wherever you might be.

It’s a fun form of exercise and a great way of learning. In fact, Furman health sciences professor Julian Reed says that if children are hopping, jumping and running while they are doing Math, English, and other school subjects, they will not only be fitter, but they will learn better.1

Why not have your kids practice their alphabet, days of the week or counting while hopping!

Let’s talk carrots…

Orange, purple, yellow, carrots come in all colors and sizes. And carrots really can help you see in the dark! They are a good source of beta carotene, which our bodies transform into vitamin A. Vitamin A is important for night vision.

So, rabbits, are not only good hoppers, but they can see where they are hopping in the dark!

Rabbits, the leafy greens experts…

Bunnies have the right idea when it comes to lunch, dinner, and breakfast! Those fabulous greens provide us with iron and calcium, which helps us hop better, so toss a salad or two.

But my kids won’t eat salad you say? Then let them create their own right down to the dressing.

Kids will love measuring and mixing. Worried they will use too much ranch? Put their creation in a small squeeze bottle. It makes it fun, it stores easily and can be found at most dollar stores.

This Easter pay attention to your inner rabbit. Do a little less chocolate and a bit more bunny food.

Happy Healthy Hoppy!

  1. More on benefits of hopping can be found at

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